Yousef signs to Winfinity Entertainment!

We want to welcome Yousef, most famously known as FouseyTube with hundreds of millions of views across YouTube and global phenomenon as a Actor on the big screen. A huge congratulations as Winfinity Entertainment has partnered up Yousef in representing as his management worldwide!

Yousef, is a American based influencer who built up a fanbase through his exclusive content and viral videos on YouTube. We are honoured to have the support of him to be joining Winfinity and allow us to progress him in to the next direction. We are looking forward to have him on board, and with the success Fousey has achieved at such a young age, selling out shows worldwide on a worldwide tour and lead roles in Hollywood movies – it will be a pleasure for Winfinity to represent Yousef going forward.

Under the watchful eyes as Adam Saleh’s manager, Naz, has worked with Fousey on many occassions . This has been key in bringing the connection together and involving Yousef into the Winfinity Brand. Yousef has been a key figure putting YouTube on the map as a mainstream media outlet and it’s a landmark collaboration to bring this to the next level!

We have been delighted to welcome Yousef to our team with many projects in the pipeline, we are excited to grow in a prosperous direction and we believe this is the next step forward for us to bring big things ahead. Yousef has sealed and signed his contract, meaning he is officially part of the team, it’s a pleasure to have you with us and we look forward to bringing you new and exclusive content!

If you aren’t following Yousef already, check out his Official Press release by Clicking Here!