Winfinity Entertainment partners with Rolando Aarons

We would like to introduce you all to our latest talent joining Winfinity Entertainment, Professional footballer; Rolando Aarons. A huge congratulations as Winfinity Entertainment has partnered up with Rolando in working with any enquiries worldwide!

Rolando has found his success by playing for England under 20’s squad, whilst securing the opening goal against Romania. Now, Rolando is signed to Newcastle United playing on a national level with a crowd of thousands and millions of viewers. We are honoured to have the support of him to be joining Winfinity and allowing us to progress him into the next direction. We are looking forward to working alongside him and it is a pleasure for Winfinity to represent Rolando going forward.

We have been delighted to welcome Rolando Aarons to our team with many exciting projects and deals in the pipeline, we are excited to grow in a prosperous direction and we believe this is the next step forward for us to bring big and bright things ahead. Rolando is part of the Winfinity team, it’s a pleasure to have you with us and we look forward to bringing you new and exclusive content!

If you aren’t following Rolando already, check out his Winfinity information pack by  Clicking Here!